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Law media services

Our Legal Video team delivers persuasive settlement legal video & demonstrative courtroom video packages at highly competitive fees and costs. We provide better, more reliable services at reasonable prices because our team has perfected the art of legal video production. Our focus and expertise is with small and mid-size clients who need cost effective legal video solutions. Keeping costs to a minimum is what we do to provide good client service. Our goal is to communicate the value and true scope of your client’s loss.

We understand the litigation process and help communicate the reality of your client’s case. We help you produce a compelling, cutting edge video that can turn the mediation process into a tangible tool that can get the attention of the ultimate decision makers. Cases are resolved, and all parties can move on.

In the end, you save time and money when you let Law Media Services help substantiate your position in the most dynamic and compelling way possible.

Day in the Life

A Day-in-the-Life video is an effective way to illustrate the extent and impact of injuries sustained by the victim. These videos help a jury understand the daily hardships resulting from injury and provides a look into what will be needed in the future. We creatively and technically craft meaningful videos through excellent editing, close-up shots, wide shots and multiple angles.

The video shows the physical struggles your client endures on a daily basis, including: getting out of bed in the morning; performing simple tasks, such as grooming and putting on certain items of clothing; wheelchair transfers; navigating the home or nursing care facility; getting in and out of vehicles, and undergoing various therapies. These videos can also capture and quantify any modifications that need to be made, or have already been made, to the home.

We pride ourselves on creating a powerful story that is sure to persuade any audience.

Settlement Documentary

A Settlement Documentary can be used as a powerful, out-of-court settlement tool. These videos tell the story of the plaintiff through testimonials from family, co-workers and friends who have been affected by the tragedy. All interviews, photos, home videos and a professional voice-over are edited together to create a presentation that establishes dependency, loss, and impact as a result of the person’s death.

We use the power of the victims’ words, interwoven with emotional comments from family, friends and others affected by this injustice to paint an honest portrait of what your client’s life was like, what happened and what his or her life is like today as a result of the defendant’s wrongdoing.

We can also integrate expert analysis, day-in-the-life video, photos, home videos, graphics and any and all elements useful to your case.

The Settlement Documentary includes three distinct sections:

1. Life before the incident
2. The incident itself
3. Life after the incident

This Settlement Documentary is meant for pre-trial viewing.

Wrongful Death Documentary

A Wrongful Death Documentary comprises interviews with the surviving spouse, children, family members, co-workers, friends, experts and psychiatrists. The finished piece is a documentary-style portrait, told through several anecdotes, of where your client was in their life/family/community/career before their untimely death, the struggles with the loss, and concerns for the future.

These videos tend to focus more on the damages rather than the liability. This video can also include pre-existing home video footage, photos of the decedent, existing news footage, police reports and any accident animation that can be provided.

The Wrongful Death Documentary includes three distinct sections:

1. The decedent’s life before
2. Accounts of the fatal incident or medical misdiagnosis
3. The damage to the family members left behind and the struggles to move forward

Video Depositions

Video depositions are recorded according to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and are shot digitally to ensure high quality and easier editing capabilities. Quality audio is captured with individual lavalier microphones and a mixer. A continuous date/time stamp is encoded in the original recording.

Video Deposition Rates: which includes the first two hours, billed in quarter hour increments. Depositions that go over 8 hours in a single day or depositions occurring on weekends and holidays, will be invoiced at 1 ½ times our regular rates for those hours.

Due to the sensitive material of the videos and the privacy of our clients, our work is not in the public domain. If you would like to see examples, please Contact Us and we will send you a password protected link.

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